When Asma moved to the UK in 1991, she did not even know how to boil an egg. In 1993, Asma traveled back to her ancestral kitchens and, over time, learned recipes that had been in her family for four generations. After finishing her doctorate in British constitutional law in 2012, Asma decided to follow her heart and open a food business. Asma started Darjeeling Express as a supper club run out of her home and you can now find Asma doing supper clubs in various locations around London. 

Asma's ancestry stems from the royal Mughlai and Nawabi school of cuisine. In addition to her Mughlai roots from her father's side, Asma cooks the food of Calcutta, the city where she was born and raised. The result is a lovely mélange of street food like papri chaat and royal recipes like lamb dum biryani that take you on a journey from Calcutta in the east of India to Hyderabad in the south.